Discover power of Sport Drive

Discover power of Sport Drive

A powerful motor, a battery with sufficient capacity and an easy-to-use display. We designed the Sport Drive with the idea of a universal drive that fills all your needs and opens up new rides.

Are you going to explore the hills in the distance that you've been looking out the window for a while now? Or are you thinking about a healthier commute to work? Sport Drive can do both. And that's not all. This drive will give you the kick you need to explore undiscovered places, go faster, and feel powerful!

The power of the 4th generation

We innovate the Sport Drive system regularly. The current 4th generation brings a few more improvements:

A reconfigured unit with even smoother and quieter operation.

A more powerful engine with more user-friendly settings. It won't disturb you during relaxing pedalling or when you want to get fit after a hard gastronomic weekend.

Integrated battery - a clever solution, fresh design, stiffer frame and easy operation.

The new battery placement adds to the overall stiffness of the frame, looks clean and is very easy to use. You can remove the battery from the top of the frame tube, the whole bike looks and rides much better than the classic non-integrated battery placement outside the tube.

New water resistance standard: water resistance has been increased thanks to battery integration and a new design. You can ride in rain or snow and not worry about the performance and functionality of your bike.

New displays: new design, more functions, more data displayed. Choose from several new display designs, from minimalist to larger and more advanced options.

Electric Lock is a clever solution to protect it against theft. Protect your machine by simply encrypting it with this quick and easy fix.

The new 4th generation controller: connects all the pieces of the system. It ensures that all the parts of the Sport Drive system work together seamlessly, so everything runs much more efficiently, plus several new features.

The MD250S centre units offer incredibly quiet operation, high efficiency and the best weight distribution - they're nicely centered in the wheel. Their relatively low position adds to the bike's stability in corners, tricky terrain and easier handling. Every e-bike is a joy to ride thanks to this solution. The unit's maximum power output is 500 watts, so it can handle steep descents you'll want to climb. The motor is fully integrated into the frame, so it looks just great.This integration also protects the motor 100% from the underside. Where other manufacturers rely on plastic covers - we have an aluminium frame! Together with the perfect frame rigidity, the mid-unit is a great choice for all the adventures you'll want to take part in.

Type: BLDC motor (brushless direct current) | Max torque: 90Nm | Max power: 250W/500W | Voltage: 36V | Max speed: 25 km/h +- 10% | Support types: 1,2,3,4 + walk assistance

Real Drive!

The M155 rear engine is properly powerful, with surprisingly smooth running. The bike behaves predictably thanks to the weight distribution to the rear, each pedal propelling you forward smoothly and safely. For more leisurely rides, you'll be hard pressed to find a better option.

Type: BLDC motor (brushless direct current) | Max torque: 35Nm | Max power: 250W/400W | Voltage: 36V | Max speed: 25 km/h +- 10% | Support types: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 + walk assistance

The M123 front unit is a proven classic with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. The motor in the front hub is coupled to a battery located in the rear rack. The weight is thus evenly distributed, the bike is stable and handles very nicely. Commuting to work and city riding has never been easier.

Type: brushless direct current (BLDC) motor | Maximum torque: 30Nm

Maximum power: 250W/330W | Voltage: 36V | Maximum speed: 25 km/h +- 10% | Support types: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 + walk assistance

A battery full of fun

Integrated battery

The most advanced feature of the fourth generation SportDrive is the integrated battery. You can't stop the development, so even the batteries are getting smaller and smaller while maintaining capacity. The new Phylion 504Wh battery allowed the designers to integrate it beautifully into the frame. The premium craftsmanship adds rigidity to the frame, looks sleek and allows for removal and possible servicing by simply pulling it out of the frame tube. Of course, it's waterproof standard so you can ride in any conditions. Perfect handling is everything to us. By using a 504WH battery, we've kept the frame dimensions compact and above all, a great balance between weight, range and handling! This exceeds the 100Km mark in ideal conditions, but can also handle over 35km in ultra difficult terrain. Because none of us want to tame a 30kg electric bike with outdated geometry even if it can go 300km.

Battery location | Integrated Battery type | Li-Ion battery with 36 V Battery capacity | 500 Wh-14Ah; 400W-11,6Ah Battery charge indication | 4-led indicator located on the battery

Semi-integrated battery

We have been using an external frame battery in the Sport Drive for many years. It is a simple and nice looking solution, easily accessible for charging and servicing. If you want to have two batteries and extend your range, the "frame battery" is the ideal solution.

Battery location: semi-integrated | Battery type: 36 V Li-Ion battery | Battery capacity: 500 Wh-14Ah; 400 Wh-11,6Ah | Battery charge indication: 4-led indicator located on the battery

Batteries on the carrier

A proven, user-friendly solution with an integrated tail lamp for added safety. And there's plenty more to load on the carrier.

Battery location: on the carrier | Battery type: 36 V Li-Ion battery | Battery capacity: 500 Wh-14Ah; 400 Wh-11.6Ah; 300 Wh-8.7Ah | Battery charge indication: 4-led indicator on the battery

Mission Control Centre


The largest display you'll find on a Sport Drive. With dynamic animations and vivid colours, the display is bold and advanced. Far from just showing basic functions, it shows the opposite. It allows all sorts of settings on the unit, so you can use your e-bike more efficiently or even charge your phone using the integrated USB port. You can also use the display to code the bike or set service intervals.


Keeping the cockpit as clean as possible was a requirement when creating this display, discreetly placed next to the stem. Minimalism itself. With ergonomic buttons, you always have the whole bike "under your thumb".


This piece is a little bigger for those of us who want our data big and clear. Thanks to the sturdy mount, the display stays in place even on rougher rides so you have 100% control of your ride no matter what the conditions.


By what name is this display named? Yeah, by its position next to your grip. The designers have made it as simple and functional as possible. They've combined the buttons and the display itself into one minimalist piece.