We are serious about fun. Since 1994.

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The 90s were special. They were colourful and full of crazy trends that we all wanted to explore. Fresh music was everywhere, the art scene was thriving and the bike was being reinvented as a major tool for having fun. It was a fresh atmosphere with a new approach and attitude. Outdoor activities were booming and we wanted to boulder every rock. We wanted to climb every mountain we came across, but when we got to the top, we wanted to ride the hell out of it downhill too! For that we needed the right machine. That‘s when Rock Machine was born: Rock from the rock music we listened to, rock from the mountains we climbed 24/7.

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rockmachine retro bike

From the humble garage days back in 1994 to today‘;s fast-paced times, Rock Machine has always followed one basic principle: ride to have fun. Sure, there are months in front of computer screens, miles on jet planes and countless hours spent refining even the tiniest frame details... but year after year we couldn‘t wait for the moment to release our early prototypes into the wild. Riding them from the workshop to the dirt and back again, pushing them to the limit in the most gruelling conditions, is the most enjoyable part of R&D. Not only does it allow us to give riders the opportunity to achieve their personal challenges and dreams, but most importantly it puts a smile on the faces of the people who ride our bikes every day! Today you can find Rock Machine Bikes in over 25 countries and the range has grown to over 85 bikes and e-bike models. And we have no plans to slow down! So come and join us on this amazing journey!

Michal Maroši on his way to 3rd place in the World Cup, Mont Sainte Anne, Canada, 1999 The first ‘true’ Rock Machine bike collection was introduced in 1996. It took us three years to get our in-house-developed -and-built bike on the World Cup podium.

Michal Prokop on his way to the stage win at EMTB Challenge Willingen, Germany, 2022 A race track is by far the best way to thoroughly test a new product. That‘s why racing has been a part of our development since the birth of the brand.

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Collect smiles, not miles. You’re riding a Rock Machine.

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Rideability, practicality and durability. These are the principles we have in mind when designing the bike. Every part has to work properly and do its job. We believe that function always comes before design. You will not find a single part on a Rock Machine bike that has no function. We do not make overly complicated designs just because it looks good. We have the same approach to sustainability. When we develop a new model, we always think about its impact on nature. Just because it‘s a bike doesn‘t mean it‘s all green. Wherever possible we use European components and choose our suppliers carefully. Simply put, we care.

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Here you have it. This is us. A big family with a clear goal: to keep riding bikes fun. Bikes are amazing and so is the journey that goes with them. We feel honoured to have been a part of this bike universe for almost 30 years. We cannot wait to experience the next 30! Stay with us. And ride, with or without us, because cycling is the best fun on Earth!

Rock Machine Bikes. Fun First.

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