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Original Rock Machine accessories

Accessories Intro

Rock Machine accessories are compatible with all our bikes and let customize their look and usage. They are designed to complement your bike configuration, are easy to use and mount. We want you to enjoy your bike, have fun during your rides and feel safe and cared! We offer clothes, bike parts, and accessories which are thoroughly thought by the crew who have had more than 20 years of experience in bike making. We don’t know your riding style but we know what is important to feel good on a bike. Rock Machine accessories satisfy the needs of all types of riders: racers, commuters, everyday riders, travellers, and adventurers, offering the right choices instead of compromises.

Rock Machine Recherche & Développement  

Passion. Mission.

Du premier coup de crayon, en passant par les tests de prototype, le débogage jusqu'au produit fini, testé dans les laboratoires les plus rigoureux, par les ingénieurs et sur les sentiers, par nos ambassadeurs et nous-même. 

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