The components that generate the power. Sport Drive uses different kinds of power units, however, this applies to all of them. On an e-bike unlikely to other motorized vehicles, the motor monitors the rider’s input to the pedals and then smoothly adds its own power. This makes e-bikes the most efficient means of transport on distances under 20 kilometers while still contributing to physical fitness by supporting your sporting activity.

SD Motor Middle


MD250S middle motor offers exceptionally quiet action, high efficiency, and the best weight distribution. Increased stability due to low positioned engine means easy and safe manipulation when leaning the e-bike into a corner or negotiating through challenging terrain. Any e-bike can benefit from these characteristics. However, with the maximal power of 500W, it is perfect for steep terrain, which MTB bikes often deal with. The motor is fully integrated into the frame, so it offers a unique look. Along with optimal frame stiffness, it is the best choice for your adventures.


  • Type | BLDC motor (brushless direct currect)
  • Max torque | 95Nm
  • Max power | 250W/500W
  • Nominal voltage of the system | 36V
  • Max speed | 25 km/h +- 10%
  • Type of support  | 1,2,3,4 + walk assistance
SD Motor rear


M155 rear motor features a powerful drive unit with very smooth modulation. This makes the bike predictable and very easy to use—every pedal stroke you make moves you forward powerfully yet safely. For touring, there is hardly any better option to be found. 


  • Type | BLDC motor (brushless direct current)
  • Max torque | 35Nm
  • Max power | 250W/400W
  • Nominal voltage of the system | 36V
  • Max speed | 25 km/h +- 10%
  • Type of suport | 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 + walk assistance 
SD Motor front


M123 front motor is a classic & economic solution providing great value for money. The motor position in the front hub is mostly combined with the battery stored in the rear rack. This even weight distribution results in a stable and well-handling e-bike. Commuting and city riding has never been so easy!


  • Type | BLDC motor (brushless direct current)
  • Max Torque | 30Nm
  • Max power | 250W/330W
  • Nominal voltage of the system | 36V
  • Max speed | 25 km/h +- 10%
  • Type of support | 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 + walk assistance


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