The display is a small component however, it is the one by which you control the whole e-bike. Sport Drive emphasizes keeping the displays simple while providing all the data you need.

Sport Drive currently comes with 4 different displays:

  • Color
  • Square
  • Grip
  • Compact
SD display color


The largest display to be found on Sport Drive. Featuring a colorful screen and dynamic animations, this display is bold and advanced. Not only showing essentials. It gives you the possibility to customize your e-drive to help you use the e-bike more effectively or charge your phone on the go by the integrated USB port. Also offering the possibility of coding the bike to keep it protected and letting you know when it's time for service. 

SD display square


This display offers a slightly bigger screen for those who like their stats large and clean. With sturdy brackets, the display stays in its place even when things get rough. Keeping all the data on sight and the bike under control. 

SD display grip


Situated right next to the grip, the name of this display seems obvious. The designers created an extremely simple and smart package. Integrating the control buttons and the display into a single unit. 

SD display compact


This display keeps your cockpit as clean as possible. Neatly stacked next to the stem, the compact display is truly minimalistic. With the control buttons right under your thumb, you are well in charge of the whole e-bike. 


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