Rigid and reliable
Robust but light weight frame designed especially for e-bikes guarantees high rigidity, reliability and long life under demanding conditions

Comfortable sitting position
Specific frame geometry, adjustable stem, ergonomic handlebars and comfortable ergonomic gel saddle provide a natural upright riding position and enough comfort

Original Powerflex drive system
The original Powerflex drive system offers 15-levels electric assistance controlled by modern panel with backlight LCD display and integrated rotation sensor in bottom bracket.

Fast and professional service
Sophisticated/ Clear indications of possible problems and defects on the principle of diagnostic system, normally used in the automotive industry

User comfort
Thanks to cooperation with the renowned producer AXA the integrated lock and lock of the battery are locked by using of only one common key

"Consumer can equip E-bike according to own specific needs with the choice of 4 types of battery capacities and two types of chargers (fast and standard)."